Last Updated 17/04/2021: C661:2020 REDUCING SCAM CALLS

Service Advice: It appears that there have been recent changes in Australian telecoms regulatory code to reduce spam calls and if calls meet the following profiles they may be blocked in network:

•    CLI is not a valid Australian number
•    CLI is missing or blank
•    CLI that is a 13, 1300 or 1800 number
•    Dummy CLIs

Further information available at  


Last Updated 7/03/2021: Dialing emergency service (000 in Australia)

Service Advice: A reminder that, in general, when using cloud telecoms services the user's address location will not be forwarded to emergency services. For specifics please discuss with your Telecoms representatives and provide relevant advice to your users.


Last Updated 25/02/2021: CIDR IP addresses - Genesys Cloud

Service Advice: Genesys have implemented a reserved range for WebRTC end-points to make it easier for users to whitelist and this comes into effect 10 March 2021.

Access IP range test tool here 


Last Updated 20/02/2021: Malicious Website Warning - Genesys Cloud

Service Advice: We have become aware of a web operator that is attempting to mimic Genesys Cloud domains. The domains are: and They have also registered certificates for those domains, please consider blacklisting them. Please do not visit these domains, as they are not operated by Genesys. We would like to remind you of best practices to recognize and avoid phishing.


Last Updated 19/02/2021: Periscope Reporting Solutions (CVT Telephony Suite)

Service Advice: Periscope software of all versions is end of development life and support is provided on a best efforts and as-is basis. No updates or upgrades available and software may not be able to be reinstalled or relicensed.


Last Updated 19/02/2021: MiVCR or Oaisys Voice Recorders

Service Advice: Mitel has at 1 Oct 2020 announced discontinuance of this solution.

End of new sales = 1 Feb 2021

End of add-on/expansion = 1 Aug 2021

End of design and hotfix = 1 Feb 2022

End of technical support = 1 Feb 2024

CVT maintains support of these solutions on a best efforts basis.



  • Please contact your CVT representative for further details.

  • Due to the ‘legacy’ nature of certain solutions in use, such as CorriDOR Voicemail / Unified Messaging, ASC Recorder, Oaisys (MiVCR on non-Mitel platforms) and Periscope, maintenance is on an ‘as-is’ basis. The solution may not be able to be upgraded, re-installed, moved or re-licensed and software maintenance assurance may not apply.