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Genesys Cloud

Genesys Cloud Delivered by CVT

Genesys Cloud

The all-cloud, all channel contact centre that creates happier customers and agents.

Genesys Cloud (formerly known as PureCloud) was built from the ground up as an omni-channel contact centre. It delivers a single interface for all customer interactions, integrates with dozens of other customer-facing applications and does so simply and cleanly. Communicate with customers, collaborate internally, consolidate technologies and drive your business forward. That’s what Genesys Cloud software offers. 

01 / FAST

Genesys Cloud is an industry leading cloud contact centre which means that the heavy lifting has already been done for you.

Your contact centre can be up and running fast and with significantly less burden on internal resources.


Have assurance that security and platform reliability are the top priorities and a multi-level approach is in place. 

Thousands of users in Australia, New Zealand and internationally are enjoying reliable PureCloud services and this includes a growing number of Government clients.

03 / EASY

When running a contact centre the focus is on providing an excellent service to your customers, stakeholders and team members.

Genesys Cloud makes this easier than ever before by providing an intuitive user interface and extensive 'out-of-the-box' omni-channel features.

Customer Stories

Customer Stories


Genesys Cloud Features

Drive Digital Transformation

PureCloud drives Customer, Employee and Business Engagement 

Omni-channel Contact Centre

Powerful and seamless 'out-of-box' features for all user roles

True Cloud Platform

Built for cloud using modern SaaS technologies

Genesys Cloud Integrations

You are not limited by 'out-of-box' features, extend using integrations

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